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“When I first reached out to Nisreen at MIAS , I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for. We discussed my concerns together and we had a treatment plan. Nisreen has a clear passion for helping people. I always have the best sessions losing centimeters every single time. These treatments have helped me sleep better, my skin looking less dull. Overall I am so happy I stumbled across this practice. Onwards and upwards Nisreen. You deserve all the success!”

Lesle Jacobs
Manager and mom of 2 girls, aged 13 and 9

Hi, I have been with MIAS Beauty Bar for a year now and have not looked back! The sauna blanket treatment is my ultimate favorite. It is everything you need and more, you literally feel the sweat dripping. It has many added benefits and has helped me with body aches and I have lost over 20cm's! Nisreen, the owner is super friendly and professional. You won't go wrong with her. Please go and try out one of the treatments and see for yourself. I promise you won't regret it.

- Rafeeqah Hamdulay
Senior Accountant and mom of 2, ages 6 and 8

“Hi, I have had 8 sessions with MIAS Beauty Bar over the last few weeks. The sauna blanket treatment really makes you feel like you are losing weight as you are having the treatment and you can literally feel the cm’s melt away. Nisreen makes you feel 100% comfortable and sits with you to monitor the entire process. It sounds too easy and good to be true but it really works! I have lost almost 50cm all round.”

- Janene Nates
Founder of Best Thing Ever
Almost 50, mom of 2 kids: ages 20 and 15

MIAS beauty and wellness was one of the best decisions I could have ever made on my weight loss journey. After being apprehensive about trying out the treatments I had booked and cancelled several times online when the owner called me to enquire if there was any way in which she could assist.

I explained to her that I was apprehensive about spending money on treatments that would not work. She was so confident about the cm loss that she promised me a money back guarantee if i was not completely satisfied. I didn’t really believe it, but thought I had nothing left to lose at this point. And after just three sessions.....the only thing I lost.....was the centimeters as she had promised! I was blown away!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that there was finally something that worked. The best thing about her, was that from the second I walked in to her beautiful and tranquil surroundings, was that not once did she make me feel like yet another business opportunity walking through the door. From the second that you meet this beautiful woman, you know, she genuinely cares about your weight loss journey and she is with you on it, every step of the way. This really was the best decision I could ever have made. Thank you so much Nisreen, for being the first person to ever deliver on what you promised and for being with me every step of the way.

“MIAS Beauty Bar is Awesome! They really understand and make sure you are pampered and made to feel that you are the most important person there. My treatments were out of this world and they strive to make sure your visit is perfect and amazing. I lost about 30 cms all round!! I'll definitely be going back for more treatments in the the near future”.

46 years old
Stay at home mom
A 26 yr old daughter and 18 yr old son